There’s a question that is always asked when one finds out about cryptocurrencies, tokens, nfts and smart contracts: is it possible to have a world where everything is simple, without the bureaucracy of the current conventional world? We believe it is. We are iK Finance and we present iK Coin.

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How ik Finance
was born

iK Finance is a fintech company from the iK Tech Solutions group. Specialized in smart solutions for payments in cryptocurrencies, it is part of an ecosystem that completes itself, together with iK Log, an autonomous logistics digital startup, and Shop Digital, a trading platform.

Next iK Finance releases that will
impact iK Coin

iK Finance has been working on several platforms to improve people’s lives and facilitate iK Coin usability in the day to day life, making it so that more people join us in this revolution. Some of these technologies are ready to be presented, check it out:


iK Coin Wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to use your cryptocurrencies to pay bills, shop at stores that accept digital currencies, recharge your cell phone, and make transfers. It is also possible to receive payments in cryptocurrencies. There are several features to facilitate and popularize the use of digital currencies around the world. The iK Coin Wallet will be available for Android and IOS in Play Store and App Store.

POS Mobile

iK Coin POS MOBILE was created so that you can accept payments in cryptocurrency through your phone with the NFC technology. With this program, a shop owner can offer their clients cryptocurrency as a payment option.


It’s an API that integrates computers, tables and e-commerces from commercial establishments that want to offer cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Payment is made using QR Code technology, in a quick and secure way: the customer simply scans the QR Code with their wallet, and payment is processed immediately.

Learn the concept of Crypto Tourism

Crypto tourism is a new travel concept created by cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts. It consists of vacation plans paid exclusively with digital coins, including hotels, flights, events and even food.

One of iK Finance’s mission is to invest in Crypto tourism, especially in the Algarve region, where iK Coin users will be able to enjoy their vacation with all the practicality that our coin has to offer.