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With iK Coin you can buy whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. Besides being fast and safe, iKC is a versatile coin that allows you to buy an ice cream, clothing, luxury items or even a house.

It’s time to make your dreams come true and iK Coin will help you with it!

Business that already accept iK Coin



Bella Studio Hair Style


Mafuba’s Barber Shop


Mary Pires - Fábrica de Sabores!


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iK Coin was created to make people’s lives easier. You don’t need to use it only during your vacations. Use it also on your daily routine! You can use your iKC to go grocery shopping, in stores, in real estate or anywhere you want, with no hassles, no delays, no problems.

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You can use the currency to pay for services or everyday purchases.

In addition to all the advantages you already know about iK Coin, you still have the possibility to have in your crypto portfolio, a cryptocurrency with a huge possibility of appreciation.

The iK Coin project nowadays is a consolidated project with a very ambitious roadmap that has been conquering investors all over the world.

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