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Buying your iK Coin is very simple!

You can buy it during the ICO here on our website or you can find the token on the trading platforms coinmarketcap, coingecko e pancakeswap after the pre-order has ended. All transactions are safe, encrypted and registered in the blockchain.

Buy your iK Coin now and be a part of this innovation!

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Finished our ICO, and after more than 35 million IKC sold, the coin, the project of IK Coin, now enters new phases of its roadmap.

Undoubtedly, this ICO exceeded our expectations and revealed millions of people who showed that they believe in and want to be part of this project that will revolutionize tourism in Portugal and later in the world.

Tourists in Portugal start paying for their holidays with iK Coin, from hotel rentals to a simple dinner on the streets of the Algarve region.

We are finalizing contracts with realtors in the region to start accepting our cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

Can you imagine the size of IKC?

To be a part of iK Coin is to be a part of a new cryptocurrency concept

Investing in iK Coin is not only about profit, rentability, currency growth and opportunity, it’s also about pioneering a revolution that is starting in Portugal.

It's about having an accessible system that works for you and having multiple products integrated, with simple language and transparency in transactions.

In addition, you will also have constant capital growth and you’ll have a system that allows you to work more freely. By using iK Coin during your vacation in Algarve, you'll have the security of being part of a system that works, as well as the certainty of being part of something great that is changing the world.

Invest in iK Coin! Be a part of this revolution!

Where to spend the coin

Many companies are just discovering the advantages of cryptocurrency and have already started offering digital coins as a payment’s option.

In the Algarve region, in Portugal, it’s possible to use your iK Coin in bars, restaurants, beauty shops, hotels and to pay for services like photographers and many more.

Check out the places where you can use your iK Coin here!

Pay to your friends and family

Book in a hotel

Restaurant Meals


Eletronic Equipments

Real State