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iK Coin is a token created to make business transactions simpler. With our cryptocurrency, commercial transactions are safer both physically and online. With iK Coin, you will have more freedom financially, geographically and with time. Come join our innovation!

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iK Coin is a versatile coin which can be used in your daily routine. Do your monthly shopping, pay your bills, buy new clothes, increase your business revenues and enjoy the practicality that our cryptocurrency has to offer. With no fees, no worries, no waiting.

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iK Finance

iK Finance is a fintech specialized in smart solutions for payments using cryptocurrencies. Besides iK Coin, it’s main creation, iK Finance is working on tech platforms that aim to improve people’s lives, like: iK Coin Wallet, iK Coin POS MOBILE and iK API.

iK Finance

Where to use iK Coin

iK Coin can be used anywhere, anytime. With no fees, no bureaucracy, no complications. Made in a system created to be easy, our cryptocurrency comes to improve people’s lives.

iK Tech
Solutions’ ecosystem

iK Coin is part of iK Tech Solutions, a three part ecosystem that completes itself: Logistics, Trading and Finance. The group consists of: iK Log, an autonomous logistics digital startup; Shop Digital, a trading platform; and iK Fintech, a finance and payments platform.


Use iK Coin at the supermarket, to buy an ice cream, to pay your bills or to shop for new clothes. Just like a physical coin, iKC can be used in any way you like, wherever you want.


You can also receive money with iK Coin! If you have a company, a shop or a store, you can receive your customers payments with iK Coin. By doing that, you stand out amongst the competition and show the world you’re ready for the big changes that are happening everywhere.


iK Coin is transforming Algarve into a crypto zone. iKC is very welcome in the region and tourists can enjoy their vacation with much more tranquility. Pubs, restaurants, hotels, beauty shops and many other places already accept iK Coin as a form of payment.


junho, 2020

Nasce a iK Tech Solutions

As nossas soluções englobam 3 segmentos: Logístico, compra & vendas e financeiro. Que formam um ecossistema que se completa. Para este desenvolvimento foi planeado 3 plataformas: iK Log (logística), iK Fintech (finanças e pagamentos) e Shop Digital (compra e vendas).

agosto, 2020

Desenvolvimento da plataforma de logística

1 - iK Business - Plataforma para B2B.

2 - iK Executive - Plataforma de digitalização de empresas de transportes

3 - My iK - Plataforma de solicitação rápida de transporte e logística B2C

março, 2021

Finalização das plataformas de logísticas e início de testes

maio, 2021

Planeamento e início de desenvolvimento (Fintech)

1 - iK Coin

2 - iK intermediador de pagamentos e transações Financeiras

junho, 2021

Abertura da Empresa em Portugal

Hospedagem das Apps My iK e iK Executive na Play Store.

Digitalização de Empresas de transportes através da plataforma iK Executive.

setembro, 2021

Realização do primeiro contrato de distribuição e logística para uma grande rede de lojas no setor imobiliário

outubro, 2021

Finalização do desenvolvimento do contrato inteligente da iK Coin

Lançamento do site da iK Coin

novembro, 2021

Pré-venda da primeira fase

Dia 15 inicia-se a fase 1 da pré-venda de 800 milhões de tokens a U$ 0,005

janeiro, 2022

Dia 15, inicia-se a fase 2 da pré-venda de 400 milhões de tokens a U$ 0,01

fevereiro, 2022

Dia 15, inicia-se a fase 3 da pré-venda de 300 milhões de tokens a U$ 0,02

março, 2022

Lançamento do Shop Digital

abril, 2022

Lançamento da Exchange Descentralizada - iK Swap

Documentação da Exchange GitHub

junho, 2022

Início das actividades da plataforma DeFi de Lending / Empréstimo

julho, 2022

Início dos serviços financeiros e de créditos

novembro, 2022

Lançamento da plataforma DeFi de Lending / empréstimo

setembro, 2023

Transformação da Fintech em um Banco Digital

julho, 2024

Início da expansão mundial

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Why did we choose the Algarve as a crypto region?

Algarve is the most sought after region in Portugal for living and shopping. While walking down the historical center, tourists enjoy restaurants and local shops along the streets and beaches. And to make things easier, iK Coin is turning Algarve into a crypto region. Soon tourists will be able to shop there with no bureaucracy, no worries and with much more comfort.

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